K36 Digital Press: discover its potential

The ultimate expression of new printing technology has only one name: K36 MuchColours! A small, powerful and fast machine, perfect to decorate in a precise way many materials and surfaces with a bright and resistant output.


K36 digital printing: the decoration revolution

A name as small as its size, with a perimeter of just 2 metres, but one that brings with it infinite potential for decorating and printing a variety of products and objects from all sectors.

The K36 is the real revolution in digital printing 2021 because it was created to address all the prototype and industrial needs that were holding back production in many cases, mainly because of the economic investment required.

With this machine, it is possible to produce a market-ready product with the same efficiency as a high-end industrial machine thanks to the innovative technologies used to make the K36.

A small 70cm x 1 metre printing plate becomes the basis for millions of decorative possibilities, meeting the growing market demand for product customisation.

The press is equipped with Ricoh's new Gen5 printheads, which are able to satisfy in terms of speed and print quality all possible decorations, even on more difficult to process materials.

Another great new feature of the K36 is the Toolbox compartment, which allows complex materials such as shoes, bags, footballs and more to be decorated that would require special heights and sophisticated chemicals.

The K36's Automatic Pos Vert, Anticollision, Twin airdry K-series, Toolbox, Irregular surfaces print system and Instant image positioning accessories make it even more powerful and perfect for all types of industrial digital printing.

In detail:

  • Automatic Pos Vert: is a patented system that responds to all kinds of printing needs with the possibility of decorating surfaces with irregularities of up to 3 cm;
  • Irregular surfaces print system: a video projector applied to the machine that uses software to project the graphics, the pattern to be printed directly onto the product, allowing it to be positioned as precisely as possible;
  • Toolbox: allows you to decorate more difficult materials and objects such as shoes, bags, footballs, making it easier to work on products up to 40 cm high.


The K36 digital printing press with its small size can accommodate up to 8 latest generation printheads, and print up to 10 colours simultaneously for unrivalled results.

The nano dyes used for digital printing applied to MuchColours industrial production also meet all the criteria of brilliance, perfection, durability and resistance, because a product decorated with K36 will never lose its print even after normal use and therefore possible wear and tear.

Speed and printing on the flatbed and in the Toolbox make the K36 the most revolutionary and high-performance digital printing press with endless possibilities.


There is no limit to digital printing with the K36 MuchColours

Having listed the technical and performance characteristics of the machine, it is important to demonstrate its infinite possibilities of use and application for decorating the most diverse types of materials and surfaces always in an impeccable manner.


Fashion Digital Print: bags, metal fashion accessories, shoes, suitcases

The small but powerful K36 can decorate many products in the fashion industry, which is increasingly living in a competitive market where perfection and customisation are increasingly in demand.

Decorating a bag or a pair of trainers is no longer a problem because with the K36 it is possible to digitally print on the finished product, i.e. when it is ready for sale.

This is possible thanks to the machine's accessories such as the projection system and the Toolbox where the product can be placed and the printing process started.

The decoration process starts with the positioning of the projector on a precise point that can be checked by means of the touch screen, then the positioning of the object to be decorated, and finally the printing file can be launched and the machine can proceed with the decoration.

The projector is agreat advantage for those who have to print because it eliminates the risk of printing errors, since the graphics projected directly onto the product allow it to be positioned in the most correct way to guarantee a definite and precise print.

The speed, definition, quality, ease of positioning and ink fixed on an exact spot on the product make the K36 a unique machine for excellent results.

Bags, small leather goods, shoes fashion accessories and details such as buttons, chains, buckles, sliders, studs are just some of the infinite number of fashion accessories that can be decorated to create a new exclusive and sought-after product.

MuchColours nano dyes have an unrivalled printing strength even on difficult materials such as synthetic gold or silver metallescent, which is very difficult to decorate.

Printing a logo or decorating a metal insert are just some of the possibilities of using the K36 in the fashion industry, which is increasingly focusing on the concept of exclusivity and personalisation.

Even a product such as a travel suitcase can change its face and be digitally printed, for example by putting your name on the front to make it easier to identify the suitcase on the airport conveyor belt.

Printing on fashion accessories is mostly done on leather and this is where the K36 proves its efficiency.

This is because the machine adapts to the surface of the material and maintains the original consistency of the leather by depositing the colour on the fibres of the material without damaging it in anyway.

The nano dyes adhere to the leather of the product, keeping the colours vivid, bright and shiny over time on all types of leather from natural to painted, from synthetic to metallic.


Digital Printing Sports: from footballs to paddle rackets

The sports sector very often requires very precise customisation of products with special graphics and effects, club, group or association names.

With the K36 digital printing press it is possible to meet even these demands because they are resistant to any kind of use.

The classic football can become a canvas for perfect, glossy four-colour prints without affecting the characteristics of the product.

This means that printing can be done when the product is finished and that the inks used do not change the grip characteristics of the ball or make it more slippery.

Paddle racquets made of carbon sheets can also be decorated with the K36 digital print to imprint an eye-catching graphic or the name of the club you belong to.

By activating the projector for exact control of the graphics, you place the racket in the exact spot where you want the print and can proceed without the slightest risk of error that would result in the wrong racket being deleted.

For both the football ball and the paddle , printing with MuchColours nano dyes ensures that the colour holds perfectly, even after rubbing and actions that normally occur during play.


K36 digital printing: Precise, safe and Green decoration

In addition to its exceptional features and endless application possibilities, the K36 is also one of the most environmentally friendly printing presses.

The inks used are environmentally friendly and safe:

  • PROPIG is a nano dye that bonds to all types of substrates, even the most difficult ones, with optimal and durable performance. Its structural cross-linking occurs through polymerisation with a temperature range between 80°C and 150°C.
  • HS is a high-performance nano dye because it is heat-curing and has immediate drying and out-of-printing times, enabling immediate overprinting. It is an odourless ink and is ideal for high quality printing.


MuchColours deals with industrial digital decoration based on the use of nanotechnology and derived inks.

We are very eco-conscious and therefore manufacture machines and inks with a very low environmental impact.

In addition, we are Europe's leading company with an environmental sustainability plan with sustainable and certified processes, and all our printers are certified class A+ for VOC emissions.

For more detailed information about our K36 digital printing press , please contact us by calling 085 4450572 or by writing to info@muchcolours.com. We are always at your disposal!

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