Digital Printing on Leather

Digital Printing on Leather allows for customisation of accessories, wallets, bags, clothing, interior design and gadgets.

How to print on leather?

With Muchcolours Digital Printers and Plotters is very easy. Skill, precision and high quality printing will allow you to make customizations on any support of leather. Direct printing on leather has never been so easy.

The advantages of direct-to-leather printing

All Muchcolours digital printing machines have the possibility to:


  • adapt to the surface;
  • maintain the original consistency of the leather;
  • deposit the colour on the deeper fibres of the material.


The ink will adhere perfectly to the leather, giving you a digital print on smooth leather with full, long-lasting colours.

Our digital printers for the decoration of leather articles:

Turns leather articles into high-value personalised items

Printing on leather will allow you to enter the market of gadgets, interior design and luxury goods.

Offer your customers the opportunity to print high-resolution logos and graphics for personalisation that won't go unnoticed.

Leather-bound notebooks, diaries, photo frames and other stationery can be purchased blank, ready to be personalised in colour with a Muchcolours digital printer.

Printing on Leather

When you buy a Muchcolours machine you get:

  • Accessories to improve the machine's performance to meet your needs;
  • Free training;
  • Free 24-hour remote and home support;
  • A showroom to showcase your projects.

Buy a Muchcolours machine and offer your customers leather printing online.

Our digital printers will allow you to print on:

  • Leather;
  • Faux leather;
  • Synthetic leather;
  • Laminated leather;
  • Patent leather;
  • Leather varnish;
  • Flock;
  • Vegetable leather;
  • Nappa;
  • Lamb;
  • Cavallino;
  • Glitter;
  • Pailette;
  • Footwear accessories;
  • Funds for footwear;
  • Leather;
  • printing on plastics;
  • Rubber;
  • Studs;
  • Rhinestones;
  • Patches;
  • Leather labels;
  • Nabuck labels

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Vuoi ricevere maggiori Informazioni o inviare dei campioni?

Choose the right Digital Print for you

Skill, precision and high print quality will allow you to create customisations on any media.

Expand your market with Muchcolours Digital Printers and Plotters

Choose Muchcolours Digital Leather Printers

Versatile flatbed machines for digital decoration capable of decorating all surfaces. Printing on leather has never been easier.

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