Praktica K86 is a flatbed digital printing machine capable of decorating all surfaces up to a maximum thickness of 250 mm. The table is modular, each module has a size of 2200×1500 mm.

Modular printer for wood, leather, steel, plastics, glass.


Product description


The K86 is a modular printer for wood, leather, steel, plastics, glass. Developed thinking about those environments where skill, precision and the possibility to modulate all the solutions on the processing lines, become an important factor for the choice of a decoration technology. The large structure of the K86 and the brand new Ricoh heads enable even the most demanding users to solve their decoration processes in a short time and with incredible results. The entire range of accessories also completes the offer to have a totally dedicated system.

The added value K

The key feature of the new K86 is its modular components. Depending on their needs, customers can customise the length of the machine by adding one or more standardised 180 cm long modules to the initial body, which can be purchased separately and possibly at a later stage. This allows the user to have a printer that can be modulated for customised products, adapted to their work requirements, which can also grow as needed.

Vulkano K Series
K Series modular printer accessories

Vulkano K Series, designed for all those customers who have industrial production requirements in the GLASS and WOOD sectors, is essentially an additional module that extends the already infinite potential of the New K86, completing it by turning it into a real production line, able to position, decorate and polymerise the sheets of various materials in a completely automatic manner.

Additional information

Printing Area

220x150cm / 180 cm

Maximum standard thickness



Cmyk + 3 special colors: white, metal silver, clear


4 steps 1200×600 dpi 30 sqm/h


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