Since 2007, a team of specialised industrial chemists has been working with the

MuchColours is a company that has always been involved in industrial digital decoration.

Great attention is paid to environmental impact

MuchColours is one of the first companies in the industry in Europe to have adopted its own environmental sustainability plan

All printers are certified in class A plus for VOC emissions. And nowadays the VOC standard is increasingly in demand in the European market and is the first step towards obtaining and achieving all product-related environmental certifications. 

Knowledge, technology, chemistry control

The experience that distinguishes our company starts from visual communication to material transformation through colordesign. Continuous research has enabled us to develop increasingly unique and high-performance solutions for industrial digital decoration.

Printing strength test

Muchcolours has had a well-equipped laboratory since 2012 to carry out all the printing resistance tests on materials useful to certify a good decoration process that guarantees reliability and resistance to all atmospheric agents over time.

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